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Over 30 years managing Innovations

B&A Engineering has achieved new heights, as we have learned from those who have brought us here, while we empower the genius of the next generation. 

B&A Engineering Inc. was founded in August 2000 after more than 10 years experience in design and development of space flight systems with JPL. Today, B&A is a team inspired by ingenuity, driven by excellence, reliable to the core and dedicated to our relationships. B&A’s primary focus is centered on developing the highest quality space flight test systems incorporating former insights into space flight hardware and software design. B&A is devoted to collaborate directly with prominent engineers in developing systems from prototyping to system verification, quality assurance, and final implementation.

Core Values

A Guide to What We Do

Our core values and beliefs define what’s important to us at B&A.


Disciplined beyond expectation.


Endless pursuit of ingenuity.


Driven by excellence.


Reliability to the core.

Our Mission

Small Business, Big Mission

Over 25 years experience in Space Flight, Aerospace and Avionics – we live, eat, and breathe space. In 2017 B&A received the small business STAR award from JPL.
B&A mission is to continue the pursuit of excellence in every facet of our business. We understand the highly sensitive and demanding nature of space exploration and will continue to provide peak performance Flight Hardware and apt services in the most opportune time. We are driven by our curiosity and passion and revered for our professionalism and tenacity. We firmly believe the key to our growth is diversity of thought, relentless pursuit of excellence, responsible engineering and metric based approach to evaluating our performance.

B&A Company History


Certifications and Qualifications
B&A Engineering considers quality management as paramount to our success as an engineering firm. As such we have established policies, procedures and appropriate chain of command to ensure compliance and class of ownership and responsibilities for our employees and stake holders.

Production & Engineering Certified

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • ESD Certified
  • 3 Certified LabView Developers
  • 1 Certified LabView Architect

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