B&A History

All timeline stories.

Expand Manufacturing

Expands the manufacturing facilities and engineering capabilities to include the rack integration, SMT machine, CNC machine and Cable testers.

ISO-9001 Certification

Receives ISO-9001 certification Expands into turn-key Mechanical and Electronic solutions including custom test equipment chassis


Develops and manufactures flight qualified electronics ground support equipment SWOT NISAR

Test Equipment Design

Enters test equipment design, development and integration using NI hardware and Software

National Instrument Associate Alliance Partner

Becomes a National Instrument (NI) associate alliance partner Sets up the first NI PXIe chassis Starts prototyping using LabVIEW FPGA Awarded multiple contacts for LabVIEW FPGA prototyping

Space Flight FPGA

Awarded JPL contracts for space flight FPGA and electronic board design

Mars Exploration Rover

Awarded contracts by JPL to design radiation hardened FPGAs and digital and analog electronics. Mars Exploration Rover (MER)

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