Provides Digital Isolation and Filght Power Protection in a compact, reliable, and economical platform.

traditonal-egse Gen-2 EGSE next-gen-slsc
Gen-3 EGSE
Approximate Cost
300k-500k per rack (USD) 90k-150k per rack (USD)
40U Rack 14U Rack
(Single rack)
250 - 400 kg (550 - 880 lbs.) Below 100 kg (220 lbs.)
6-12 months 1-3 months
Internal wiring
Mainly custom cables Mainly COTS cables
External wiring
Custom cables Custom cables
Internal custom cables changes Interface box wiring changes
Tip over analysis required Tip over analysis may be required
(Scale 1-10)
7 3
Our Gen-3 SLSC Modules are designed to have the same functionality and performance of chassis that are integrated in Gen-2 racks.
Digital Isolation SLSC Module Static Load SLSC Module Gen-2 Rack Sample Example: Gen-2 Power Protection Chassis replaced by Power Protection SLSC Module
Gen-3 SLSC Modules can be used standalone or installed in a NI SLSC Chassis which is integrated in a compact rack.
Up to 12 Modules with various functions can be used.
Data Acquisition Equipment (PC or other devices) can be used as SLSC Backend interfaces.
Rear Mounted NI PXIe-1085 Chassis, NI PXIe-8880 Controller,
and two NI-7821R modules shown in example.
Fully Customizable Interface Box for Inputs and Outputs to Unit Under Testing (UUT)
  • Front connectors can be Circular, D-Sub, Micro-D, or custom.
  • The default height of the interface box is 2U (3.5 inches).
  • If more connectors are required, a second interface box or a 4U box can be used.
  • The box can be easily swapped to reuse the EGSE for testing different UUTs.
Example shown for:
4 x 128 contact receptacle pin circular connectors for Input
4 x 128 contact receptacle socket circular connectors for Output
Input Output

The front connectors are designed to easily mate with the UUT’s interface connector parts and match signal traces provided by customer.
This feature allows the use of simple pin to pin cable harnesses for connecting the EGSE to UUT.

Input and Output Connections to UUT

The interface box rear connectors connect to the front of the SLSC modules.
This feature allows the use of COTs cables (mainly with VHDCI connectors) for internal wiring.

Input and Output Connections to SLSC modules
A sample functional block diagram of the EGSE with 4 SLSC digital isolation modules and 2 NI 7821R modules is presented.

LabView Software developed by B&A Engineering is available for loopback testing and module health check.

Various SLSC modules available in stock plus new modules are in development.
Application Module
Digital Isolation RS-422
High Speed LVDS
Power Protection OVP / OCP
Load Static Load
Electronic Load
Digital Communications Space Wire
Visit our SLSC Module product page for datasheets and technical information at the link below:
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